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the film
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"Something For Your Mind" is a science fiction short film that follows Mel, a successful podcaster in the mental health and wellness industry. Mel has built a loyal following by sharing her expertise on mindfulness and mental health, but she starts to doubt the morality of her job and the impact her content has on her audience.


To make matters worse, Mel is in a toxic relationship with Elyna, who relies on her income to support their lifestyle. Elyna pressures Mel to continue her podcast and disregard her reservations about the industry's ethics. However, things take an unexpected turn when Mel is approached by a mysterious company that promotes a mind-altering device. In a moment of recklessness, Mel decides to test the mind-altering device on herself, unaware of the dire consequences it will unleash. The film takes a dramatic turn as Mel's reality fractures, blurring the lines between truth and illusion. She becomes trapped in a twisted world, questioning her own sanity and facing the terrifying consequences of her choices.

The facts
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In addition to serving as a commentary on the dangers of social media and its impact on mental health, "Something For Your Mind" also explores the potential of one of the newest storytelling devices - UNREAL Engine. Unlike any narrative film before it, our film integrates this technology into the storyline, presenting it as a natural extension of the narrative rather than a driving force for storytelling.

In a groundbreaking approach, we crafted a sequence entirely using Unreal Engine, incorporating motion and facial capture of the actors' performances. What sets this apart is that every element within the Unreal world mirrors aspects from the live-action film, creating a seamless blend between the two realms.

Our primary objective was to demonstrate that even low-budget filmmakers can leverage Unreal Engine to expand their creative horizons, provided the story justifies its use. "Something For Your Mind" exemplifies how this cutting-edge tool can be harnessed to elevate ideas and artistic expression, irrespective of financial limitations. By utilising Unreal Engine in a unique and purposeful manner, we aimed to push the boundaries of storytelling and ignite inspiration within the filmmaking community.

The mission
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"Something For Your Mind" serves as a powerful exploration of various themes, including the impact of social media and content creation on mental health, the dangers of profiting from spreading misinformation, and the toxicity of forced positivity. It raises important questions about the responsibility of influencers and the potential harm that can arise from exploiting vulnerable audiences.

With its thought-provoking narrative and atmospheric visuals, "Something For Your Mind" aims to engage viewers in a thrilling and introspective experience. It challenges the audience to reflect on the moral implications of the wellness industry and the importance of critical thinking in an era where misinformation and toxic positivity can easily spread.



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